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Before you start

If you suspect you have a gas leak, you must report it immediately to the Gas Emergency Service (Cadent) on 0800 111 999 or via textphone (minicom) on 0800 371 787

For other emergency repairs - e.g. water leaks, no water, no heating, blocked drains - please call 0208 356 3691. They cannot be raised online.

To request a repair for a communal area outside of your dwelling, please call 0208 356 3691. Leaseholders can also use this service.

What is a communal area?

Communal repairs are usually in areas that people share.

They can include:

  • repairs to door entry systems
  • lock repairs to communal doors
  • lighting repairs to shared areas
  • glazing repairs to shared doors or stairway windows
  • roof and gutter repairs
  • structure and external walls to your block
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